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Analytical Opportunity Tracking

GovBD Drives Contract Wins

See how GovBD tracks opportunities, assigns capture teams, facilitates smarter teaming and provides real-time insight into your pipeline today and into the future. In sum, GovBD provides a single place to manage the entire federal lifecycle.

GovBD Features

Transform Data into Winning Insights.

The power of analytics is that it unlocks the ability to make better decisions. With GovBD Insights, you will always be a step ahead of the competition and abreast of rapidly shifting market dynamics. Get visibility into pipeline health, deep dive into key actions needed to capture new business, and discover how best to invest BD resources.

Focus on the Most Attractive Opportunities.

Unfortunately, your BD resources are limited. Qualifying, capturing, and bidding on every available opportunity is simply not possible. When faced with a handful of attractive opportunities, deciding which is the most attractive is difficult. For that reason, GovBD offers built-in tools like the Bid-No Bid Score-card and Opportunity Analysis Chart to make smarter investment choices.

Really get to know your Customers and your Prospects.

Everyone knows meaningful relationships are the key to unlocking new business wins. Tracking the nature of these relationships - who knows who, in what context, when did we last connect - across an organization is quite challenging, however. With GovBD, we aggregate the relationships that your organization has with a customer, department, agency, or office in a single location so that relationships are never lost.

Why GovBD?

GovBD offers all the end-to-end business development tools you need to win federal government contracts in a single application. Stop letting your pipeline management tool cost you business.

Why GovBD
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